Cleaning out the cupboards

Heh. Clearing out the papers this morning I came across a letter from my boss’s predecessor, sacking one of my predecessors six years ago.

I’m nearly two years in this job. My predecessor was appointed in Feb 2001 and resigned in December though carried on working part-time until I started in May 2002. His predecessor managed about ten months in 2000. Before him there was a gap of over a year, and the first holder of the job did it from May to October 1998. He is the one whose letter of dismissal I just found. Needless to say I was a good boy and handed over to the personnel dept for safe-keeping.

Oddly enough, he’s also the person I’ve been talking to over the last week who has applied for the same two jobs as me…

Emailed my application to NATO this morning. Will bring around a hard copy at lunchtime.

One thought on “Cleaning out the cupboards

  1. It has been interesting to live in New Zealand which has one chamber. There seem to be no problems, making me wonder if the Seanad is necessary.

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