Coming elections

One of my colleagues and my brother-in-law are off to Ukraine tomorrow to help monitor Sunday’s rerun presidential election. I don’t know how many of you tried your luck with the various possible means of getting out there, but just FYI here is the list of elections that are scheduled in the OSCE area for the first half of next year:

2 January: Croatia Presidential
27 February: Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary
February: Tajikistan Parliamentary –
February/March: Moldova Parliamentary
February/March: Macedonia Municipal
11 and 13 March: Liechtenstein Parliamentary –
March: Andorra Parliamentary
June: Albania Parliamentary
June: Hungary Presidential
June: Bulgaria Parliamentary

Plus of course likely UK elections for the House of Commons in May.

Moldova, Albania and perhaps Macedonia could be quite big missions looking for observers – though of course none as big as the present mission in Ukraine.

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