Coming movements

We’re off to Ireland for three weeks at the end of next week, stopping off in Kidderminster on the way over and Swindon on the way back (Anne’s parents and elder sister respectively).

My mother-in-law has, truly heroically, volunteered to stay here with Bridget while we go off with Fergal and Ursula. Bridget is simply too unpredictable in her behaviour to bring to an 18th-century house, or indeed to endure a two-day car journey with, coming and going. She’s been a lot better than she was at the start of this year, mainly I suspect thanks to increased medication, but the day is coming when she will move out of here into a special residential centre in Tienen.

Next Tuesday is Fergal’s seventh birthday, and my contribution to the event will be to take Bridget on a long drive while Fergal and his friends party. Luckily she enjoys car journeys (as long as there are not younger siblings there to irritate her) and doesn’t mind what I listen to (so more Doctor Who). So expect more Patrick Troughton updates mid-week.

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  1. goatsfoot says:

    I chose to interpret the Monk’s OTT mourning of Tamsin as being the child side of him realising that something he’s done has had consequences/permanent changes for himself for a change, and that he had a pathetic need for companionship, even if he was all about manipulating that companion. I think it was slightly left of field but I managed to make it work for me. (Also, I very much enjoyed Graeme Garden’s performance, perhaps it is partly cos he was my fave Goodie as a kid.)

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