Coming travels

March is going to be a hectic month.

29 Feb – leave for Paris. 1 Mar – conference in Paris, fly overnight to Washington. 2 Mar – conference in Washington. 3 Mar – meetings in Washington. 4 Mar – more meetings in Washington, fly to New York. 5 Mar – meetings in New York, fly home. 6 Mar – get home.

17 Mar – fly to Oslo. 18 Mar – conference in Oslo. 19 Mar – fly home. (I’ve never been to Norway before so that will fill in a gap in the map.)

22 or 23 Mar – one day visit to Budapest

26 Mar – fly to Dublin for our board meeting. 27-29 Mar – board meeting in Dublin. 30 Mar – day in Belfast. 31 Mar – 2 Apr – more conference in Dublin.

April looks much quieter. The only trip planned so far is to the Dutch royal wedding on the 24th, and that’s not exactly work.

1 thought on “Coming travels

  1. I’ll be interested to see if this support is returned by the UUP, and in what ways.
    Also, if this brings them some Westminster seats in another tight election, I’d be intrigued to see how any coalition talks are affected.

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