Comment spam

Has anyone else been getting a lot of comment spam, or am I being specially favoured? I’ve had over a dozen in the last couple of hours.

(Apologies if this is already a matter of discussion all over my f-list – I’m posting from my phone and haven’t checked LJ since before it started.)

One thought on “Comment spam

  1. This contest is pointless as it stands. The SDLP has become a talking shop of self interest. The leader should be campaigning on wider issues and not the internal joke of party infrastructure. The voters could care less. The leader should be galvanising the media and the voters with policies that will bring the party to the fore.

    The leader can try and fix the internal issues internally, they should not be the main platform, that is why this is a waste of time as by the time the internal issues are fixed and there are too many to count, voters will have forgotten the party by then…

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