Companion Piece, by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker

I am way way behind on book-blogging, but one has to re-start somewhere.

Second paragraph of third chapter:

The clink of armour rang out through the crisp, sharp air as a squad of guards, splendid and sinister in coal-black breastplates quartered by a bold white cross, spread out amongst the townspeople.The unkempt mass of traders and townsfolk allowed themselves to be shepherded into a large and ragged group. Del Toro picked his way through the mud, staring into the eyes of the crowd before him, nodding with satisfaction at the fear visible there.

I really enjoyed Perry and Tucker's novels featuring the Seventh Doctor. This Telos novella, unfortunately but not atypically for that publisher, is way below par. The Doctor and new companion Catherine Broome land on a planet where a rather stereotypical Catholic church has declared all Time Lords to be witches. Various tediously predictable things happen, until the point where the plot ends on a twist shared with Death Comes To Time which independently came out the same year. Rather skippable, and that's the first time I've said that about these authors.

Nest in this sequence (and last of the Seventh Doctor novels that I haven't read): Bullet Time, by David McIntee.

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