One thought on “Conference starting

  1. Hi – I responded to your (must be your?) wikipedia query last november on my source for the suicide of NW’s son.

    First I’ve heard of this book, but I have stacks of research on O’Roghan. Bizarre affair. Happy to help if you need information and references.

    BTW, I found your journal independently – did a joint google for “mildred cecil” “nicholas white”. By coincidence, I signed up to livejournal a couple of weeks ago to read Gillian Spraggs’ posts. The intertubes are a small world.

    The search came up with a 2008 post of yours reviewing a book about the Cecils – left a comment there.

    My interest in all this is Nicholas Walsh, who was a protege of White’s.

    Not used to livejournal, so no idea if talk is turned on or if I’ll get notification of a reply. Try the wikipedia talk page.

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