Darn it

One of my heads of office has given notice; his girlfriend moved out to be with him, but can’t stand it and so they’re returning to the West so that he can pursue what will doubtless be a stellar academic career. I can’t blame him, having decided to leave the Balkans for Brussels myself back in 1998 for similar reasons (though in fairness the crucial moment came when I decided I couldn’t stand it either). And he’s given us three months’ warning, which I think I have managed to persuade him to stretch to four months. Still I’m sorry to lose him.

Finished a major chunk of writing this evening on the Rise and Fall of the Albanian National Army. It may be weeks before it sees print but it’s good to have got it out of my system.

One thought on “Darn it

  1. And there’s also the knock-on effect on research.

    Quote: “Sir Harry Kroto, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that one of his own researchers had been refused permission to study at Cambridge University under the rules and will now stay at a US university.

    “The UK loses out and in the future we can see the UK can only survive on its intellectual property, rather than as a country that provides things, with countries like India and China providing things more cheaply, so we need to look at that,” he said.”

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