What I thought was going to be a pleasant day at P-Con was interrupted just after 12 o’clock when a colleague called me to tell me the news about Milosevic. Stood by for calls from various other interested parties (as has noted) In the middle of my chairing the Doctor Who panel one well-known media organisation called me to ask whether or not they had already interviewed me. (They had.)

Well, there’s not a lot to be said except the obvious, and you’ll find me at the every end of the list of quotes on the BBC site.

Apart from that, P-Con has been good fun. Apart from the Doctor Who panel, which was excellent, I came within a point of winning “Just A Minute” against Paul Cornell and . Also moderated an intense session on the evils of the publishing and bookselling industry. It seems to me from what the panellists were saying that publishing is still coping with the shock of the internet and with the drastic increase in the sheer numbers of different books on the market. Authors who take matters into their own hands, as various people in the room had done in different ways, will do better than authors who don’t.

Also very good to see David Stewart there. Apparently persuaded the hospital to let him out. (Did I hear that right?)

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  1. A book meme! ^-^

    I’ve read… nine books if I counted them right. There’s another which I started but couldn’t finish, another 9 or so I have no interest in whatsoever and about four are on my TBR pile (for a given value of ‘on the TBR pile’ as I don’t actually own a copy yet).

    I’m… actually a bit disappointed by the repetition of author names on the meme, but it’s an internet poll and a meme, so that’s to be expected, really.

    *pokes LJ some*

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