Day of Private Reflection

Thursday, 21 June 2007 is an initial Day of Private Reflection.

People from Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland and further a field are invited to reflect, individually and privately, upon the conflict in and about Northern Ireland and the future that is before us.

The Day of Private Reflection is an opportunity for us all:

  • To acknowledge the deep hurt and loss caused by the conflict in and about Northern Ireland,
  • To remember the men, women and children who on a daily basis live with the consequences of the conflict,
  • To reflect on our own attitudes that might have the potential to negatively impact on others and society,
  • To reflect on what more each of use might have done or might still do to uphold and enhance all other people’s right to life and quality of life, and
  • To make a personal commitment that, as we begin to move forward as a society, such loss should never be allowed to happen again.

For more see the Day of Private Reflection and Healing Through Remembering sites. Or you could post this in your livejournal/blog.

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  1. I recommend the movie – although I haven’t read the original short stories, the film of the same name was very well made, and quite hard to watch in places.

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