Dear Lord…

Latest from our man in Kosovo:

This afternoon at least 3 UN police officers were killed and 7 wounded in a firefight among themselves at the detention centre in North Mitrovica (the Serb side of the divided town).

Apparently, a political argument (possibly over Iraq) between US officers on one side and Jordanian and Pakistani officers on the other side got out of hand.

Two female US police officers and one male Pakistani police officer are confirmed dead. Two died at the scene, and one of the two Americans died later at North Mitrovica hospital. A further 5 police officers (3 female, 2 male) of various nationalities are being treated for wounds at North Mitrovica hospital – two are in critical condition. A further two wounded were taken to the French KFOR hospital.

A platoon of US KFOR is now reported to have arrived in Mitrovica to guard the detention centre. Several Jordanian police officers reported arrested.

He concludes:

This will send shockwaves through this and other UN peacekeeping missions and further damage confidence in the ability of the internationals to provide security in Kosovo in general and Mitrovica in particular in the wake of the province-wide rioting of 17-18 March.

No kidding.

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  1. I think it was just people who saw it on TV buying it – the guy playing the priest WAS gorgeous..

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