December Books 14) The Men Who Sold The World, by Guy Adams

As with last month’s Torchwood book, this is another pre-Miracle Day story which features very few of the previous regular Torchwood team, but instead has Rex Matheson, CIA agent, getting swept up in mysterious goings on which are related to Torchwood and the post-Children of Earth cleanup. The villain is a splendidly spooky character, Mr Wynter, whose extensive powers are matched by a need which must be satisfied. There is an excellent set of forking time lines at the end – in a way that TV WHo never quite manages to pull off. A decent novel on the fringes of the Torchwood universe which feeds into and slightly reinforces Miracle Day.

One thought on “December Books 14) The Men Who Sold The World, by Guy Adams

  1. *Jaw drops*

    Seriously? Is there any corroboration available that this is really the case, and that the UK government are literally planning to let people starve?

    If so, frankly, I don’t know what the hell to do, but something’s got to be done.

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