December Books 5) Frayed, by ‘Tara Samms’

Stephen Cole is one of the most consistently good Doctor Who writers, and I was glad to pick up this Telos novella when last in London – a range that has not always impressed me, but this is one of the good ones. It is a little odd – the old man and the girl who travels with them only decide at the end of the story that they will adopt the identities of “the Doctor” and “Susan”, and the story combines the fairly standard base-under-siege-by-telepathic-horror story with a rather subtly done reflection on establishing and keeping identity. Worth looking out for.

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  1. saare_snowqueen says:

    I saw all the tweets about this and wanted to send good thoughts and prayers your way, but didn’t want to do anything that might be intrusive. I think you and your wife are very brave and very strong. I can imagine how difficult it must be for you .

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