December Books 9) Pyramids

9) Pyramids, by Terry Pratchett

A bit surprised at myself for not having read this before. I remember Terry Pratchett coming to Cambridge to speak at a CUSFS meeting in, I suppose, 1988, and reading bits of this to us – the bit in the dormitory where young Arthur is trying to say his prayers, and I think also the scene parodying Plato’s Symposium. I must have started reading it at one point, because I remember the line about the eight heraldic hippos, who, if danger ever threatens Ankh-Morpork, will run away. But there was lots more I didn’t remember, so I must have been reading it for the first time (including the quote in the icon for this post). As always, very good fun, with lots of material packed in tightly with wit. Not as deep as his later books, which is hardly surprising.

Top UnSuggestion for Pyramids: Systematic theology: an introduction to biblical doctrine by Wayne Grudem

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