Defeat for KFOR

This is heavily friends-locked for reasons which will become obvious.

I was really shocked yesterday when the official spokesperson for the NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo said this about my employers:

…there are a lot of people who are in their offices in Brussels and Washington DC, everywhere in the world. They should come and see us in Kosovo. They speak a lot, I don’t know why, and they spread rumours and misinformation. I don’t know what their goal is, but once again they should come and see us. I can tell you that we are well prepared to face any event. This is my answer…. I guess they want to create a crisis. So they can say what they want.

Quite apart from the fact that we have frequently come and seen them, and we have three full-time staff on the ground in Kosovo, it’s outrageous (not to mention offensive) to accuse us of trying to create a crisis and to mutter darkly about what our real goals may be.

I was tempted to reply with a long public self-justificatory tirade, and lay awake a bit last night drafting it in my head. But in the meantime I had sent a brief but hurt note about all this to a senior NATO contact. He immediately saw my point of view, and I understand a full public retraction is imminent. Sometimes going behind people’s backs is more efficient than a head-on assault; especially when dealing with the military.

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  1. Which means that 23 years ago today, I was in Chester and watched this episode in my hotel room while eating take-away after a long day of driving. Wasn’t really a Who fan then, but it was nice to come back from vacation and be able to brag to my fannish friends that I’d seen the new Doctor before them.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the rest of the episodes for that story.

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