Delicious LiveJournal Links for 3-15-2011

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  1. No problem about length!

    I’m really stunned that anyone could think that the goal of “ever closer union” is not part of the EU’s DNA. It’s literally the first sentence of the Treaty of Rome. So indeed, I do see it as a distinction without a difference.

    I fear that your perceptions may have been unduly shaped by the inherent distortion of British reporting of what the EU is up to (surmising from your use of “satrapies” to describe two governments constitutionally voted in by their countries’ respective parliaments, one of which has since stepped down after fresh elections, rather than parachuted in by the Germans as the British media would have it). Please do read the Rennie paper which I linked to in the original post.

    Serious question: Do you really think that Britain would vote to stay in the EU if the European Commission were directly elected?

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