Delightful coincidence

We’re watching “I CLAVDIVS” on DVD at the moment, and have got up to episode 4. Part of the series’ immense charm is spotting actors you know from later roles at the 1976 stage of their career. This evening, I was struck by the lovely Livilla who seemed strangely familiar. And lo, come the closing credits, it turns out that she was played by Patricia Quinn, who of course lives forever as Magenta in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, filmed the previous year.

By weird coincidence, another one of the stars of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Susan Sarandon, played the same character in a 1985 TV series called A.D.. Though I’d be interested to know exactly how they fit the character into a dramatisation of the Acts of the Apostles…

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  1. gareth_rees says:

    That seems a bit disingenuous in the light of critical analyses like this.

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