Demon Quest Parts 4 and 5

The fourth part of the Paul Magrs/BBC Fourth Doctor Demon Quest series of audios, Starfall, is set in 1970s New York and I think one of the better instalments in the series: it features good guest turns by Trevor White, whose character Buddy narrates most of the action, and Laurel Lefkow as his girlfriend Alice who slightly accidentally acquires super powers as part of the ongoing storyline. There is a very bizarre bit with a cult of people who dress up like the Doctor, which is obviously a wink at organised fandom but isn’t well resolved in the plot. But the overall tone is well done.

I was less happy about the final part, Sepulchre, which not only relies rather heavily on reference back to the previous Hornet’s Nest series, but also demands little of the actors, Tom Baker in particular doing much more Little Britain than Doctor Who; and the conclusion is very far from conclusive.

So in the end my recommendation is that this series is for completists only; the first and fourth parts are the best, the third and fifth least satisfactory.

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