Dingle of the Husseys, Part 14

In case you were wondering, there is no diary entry for 25 June 1580.

The twenty-sixth, after storing of Castle-Magne with victuals, we marched thence towards Corke, through part of Desmond, the Erle of Clancartie‘s contrie, and camped that night by the fayre river of Lawyn (Laune), tween “The Palace,” one of Clancartie’s chiefe houses and Downelow (Dunlogh) a house of O’Sullivan-More’s rased by the Erle of Ormond in the last warre of James Fitz-Maurice. The river hath in it many big muscles, where in are found many fayre perles.

The two castles took me some effort to identify. “The Palace” is Pallis Castle, AghadoeParkavonear Castle. “Downelow” (which Mary Agnes Hickson thinks is “Dunlogh”) is surely Dunloe, the start of the famous Gap of Dunloe.

I find it a little odd that the expedition camped on the north-west side of Lough Leane rather than the easier east side.