Domestic situation

There is a fairly big change in our domestic arrangements. Bridget has not got over her aversion to getting in the car, and so therefore is now at home full-time. Anne’s mother has come over from England and will basically be living with us to help out until Bridget can go into full-time residential care, which means (we hope) September or October. We’ll still take our three weeks of holiday, taking in a couple of sfnal events, at the end of this month and the start of August.

Bridget is generally easy, either running around the garden or hiding under the bedclothes upstairs, but when she is difficult or unhappy she is very very vocal, if inarticulate, and Ursula in particular gets terrified. It absorbs a huge amount of energy from all of us.

Comments disabled; this is more of a public service announcement. (Except that it’s friends-locked, as are all entries using the children’s real names.)

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  1. purplecthulhu says:

    There’s also the Trafigura super injunction which was not about sex lives but about massive corporate malpractice and abuse of the third world. Not that much of the UK newspaper industry was very interested in it…

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