Donnie Darko

Well, recommended itso did so did was less enthusiastic. Well, I got the DVD some time last year, and finally got around to watching it; and I liked it, for some of the same reasons I like Buffy – teen angst reflected in a supernatural way. Also I loved Noah Wylie and Drew Barrymore. I thought the scene of the kids cycling up to the old lady’s house might even be a reflection of the similar scene in E.T. (which was also on local TV tonight), a suspicion fuelled when I realised that Drew Barrymore was also the executive producer. And Maggie Gyllenhall playing the older sister did a lot with very little given her by the scriptwriters. So I will watch it again, and then I might even, as keeps telling me, visit the website. Great stuff.

One thought on “Donnie Darko

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