Dorpfeest Oud-Heverlee

Every year at the end of the summer, our village organises a three day Dorpfeest culminating on Sunday with a barbecue for all (at least, all who pay the price of admission).

Entertainment is provided for smaller citizens, both a bouncy castle and face-painting.

And young entrepreneurs are encouraged to sell off unwanted toys and games to neighbours:

This year we had a local band, Muscaloco, playing vaguely traditional music on traditional instruments:

As in previous year, various houses and gardens were turned into exhibition spaces for local artists. I wasn’t too sure about Ilse Derden, whose “la Rêve de Michel de Ghelderode” adorned one garden:

Nor about the giant ants in the retirement home:

But I did like the pleasing pottery of Marleen De Vos:

And the village’s oldest and largest internal public space was taken over by the local craft society to show off their work:

Anne’s pieces are the two on the left of the lower table by the altar:

We were lucky with the weather. It rained heavily in the morning, and is raining again now; but we were able to enjoy a sunny afternoon of community.

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