Dutch in Doctor Who

Gosh, it’s almost five years since I listened to episode 1 of Fury from the Deep, and commented on the accent used by John Abineri playing a Dutch character.

I can now bring you the full exchange of what must be the only use of Dutch in the whole Who canon (as far as I remember there isn’t any in Arc of Infinity even though it is set in Amsterdam).

Van Lutyens: Verdomme!

Fraser Hines, narrating: From a walkway overlooking the Control Hall, the Doctor and his companions observe van Lutyens storm off.

Van Lutyens: Koppige [?] idioot! Engelsman!

Jamie: What does kopples iddy oo [?] mean?

The Doctor: I think he’s Dutch, Jamie, and I don’t think he likes the English very much.

Abineri’s accent in Dutch is, er, not quite as far from the real thing as his attempt to reproduce a Dutch accent in English (which sounds simultaneously German and African), but I suppose a decent effort from someone who didn’t speak the language. Would be interested to know what others make of the adjective he uses – I think he is mispronouncing “koppige” as if it were a German word (given that he spoke German), though even then it’s an odd pronunciation of the “g”.

Note also that the Tardis translation circuits don’t seem to work in Dutch.

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  1. ex_papersky says:

    There is for last year, a PDF linked to from the list of winners.

    Last year’s “next five” were Okorafor’s World Fantasy Award winning Who Fears Death, Mieville’s Kraken, Kowal’s Shades of Milk and Honey, Banks’s Surface Detail and Bacigalupi’s Ship Breaker.

    Feed was in second place last year, so some people must have liked it.

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