Duvet day

…or duvet morning, at least. I woke up with no energy and no appetite (no temperature either so there’s nothing very wrong with me physically). I guess it’s basically the reaction to not getting the job with the European Commission, which I had invested a lot of my time and emotional energy into, which all came to naught; combined with mutterings about further budget cuts at work. And all the travelling I’ve done recently, which is to be followed up with a four-day work trip to Portugal starting tomorrow; and I’ve firmed up the details of my mid-October visit to the US as well (10-12 in Washington DC, 12-14 in Utah, 14-15 in New York, 15-17 with my brother in Boston, home early morning on the 18th) and am feeling jetlagged in advance.

Plus, yesterday I called my friend Mabel and her husband answered the phone. I took the opportunity to ask what he is doing these days, and it turns out he’s working for a company dealing with space technology. My geek side is insanely jealous. Actually all of me is insanely jealous. Of course, I shouldn’t be; I have a well-paying job that is in a field I am interested in and where I am a world-wide acknowledged expert. Also he has a major head-start in life in that his mother is the ruler of a medium-sized country. But these things are not completely rational.

So I’ve spent the morning in my dressing gown talking with Anne. No firm conclusions, except that I probably do want to continue as I was, looking for the way into the EU institutions. If my boss does decide to dispense with my services then there are a number of private sector possibilities as well, but that would very much be a second choice. Also I’ve discovered a careers counselling agency which is actually around the corner from work; I might just drop in on them this afternoon to make a date for further conversations. It also occurs to me that I do a certain amount of careers counselling anyway, with keen postgraduate students who drop by the office looking for the job vacancies which I don’t have.

And I will go into town and do a bit of networking this evening. That takes much less energy than actual work. Also I’m doing a backdated post about the weekend which won’t show up on your friends lists.

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