Duvet morning

My flight to Belgrade is not until 1325, and I can’t quite face going into the office yet. Suddenly a whole lot of work appears to have backed up, and this trip seems a bit pointless – I deliberately am going two days early to try and have some high-level meetings in Serbia but it seems this is not really happening, as many of the senior officials were in New York for the UN last week and so were impossible to track down (and now will return to mountains of paperwork). So I’m demotivated about going on the trip, and also demotivated about the tedious editing work I would be able to do if I stayed. But next week it will be even more urgent, and the boss will be back in the office for most of October.

Well, I have to go into the office eventually because my plane ticket is there (and the laptop, if I choose to bring it along). But if I go back to bed until 1000 (or even 1100) nobody much will notice. I hope.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    Yes, the site I link to is The Straight Dope, which along with Snopes.com is a brilliant source of debunking urban myths – some of which, however, are so stupid that it’s hard to imagine anyone believing them; this being a case in point.

    Wikipedia tells me that the wider glasses are more suitable for sweet and heavy champagne than for the dry champagne more popular these days. I’ve certainly seen both types of glass used, though the tall thin flutes are pretty much universal round here.

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