Eighty days of lockdown, and the end is in sight

Hugely important news came today: the foundation where our daughters live has let us know that we should be able to visit (under certain strict conditions) from 13 June, and U will be able to come home again for short stays as she had done before. We are still working out exactly how we will approach it, but basically we should be able to get together again as a family some time this month.

When I first posted about the restrictions being imposed in March, I was too upset to realise that the picture I used was from Christmas 2017, rather than last Christmas. This is the one I meant to use.

It’s good news all round, with restaurants, bars and cafes in Belgium opening again on Monday, and travel in and out of the country getting more relaxed from the 15th. I realise that not every country has been as lucky – in particular, I feel for British and American friends and relatives, who are going to have to endure the situation for some time longer; and our summer holiday plans are still very much up in the air. But the end is in sight.

We’ll still have the threat of the virus with us. There will still be outbreaks from time to time. It will be a while before large gatherings are possible again. Many lives have been lost, and many more have been changed. The USA is burning with the legacy of festering racism. But just today, I’m celebrating a small uptick in my personal circumstances.

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