End of holiday

Well, waiting for laundry to dry on a rainy day in Banbridge, scanning the very few work emails that look of relevance, coming down gradually after a much more relaxing holiday than last year – three weeks actually much better than four, and having somebody watching B almost full-time made a huge difference.

I’ll be back in Ireland in late September for a conference in Belfast, and then am due to give a speech in Dublin on November 1st; of course other things may intervene before or after then. Good to have seen those of you who I saw, and the others, well, look me up if passing through Brussels (as some of you already have).

One thought on “End of holiday

  1. I should give this a go again at some point. I first tried at about 12 or 13, and although able to deal with the published Silmarillion at that age, found the Lost Tales too heavy going.

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