I’ve been trawling through the various threads of discussion regarding the new Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics blog, whose aim is “to promote positive reviews of books, movies and comics.”

Well, I’m not interested. If a source tells me up front that it won’t publish critical reviews, I can’t be bothered engaging with it. Except to agree with Nic Clarke when she says “I’m still not clear on what ‘ethics’ have to do with celebrating books you like”.

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  1. nickbarnes says:

    Sorry, too brief: what I mean is: yes, some parts of the UK “e-government” provision is still nonexistent, but the VAT returns etc are pretty much sorted, and all users are being forced online. So I don’t think this story can be about the UK.
    Then there are parts of UK e-gov which suffer the worst of both these worlds, such as corporation tax: online filing is compulsory, but the online provision is always flaky and has recently got worse. I *had* to file our corporation tax by a certain date, by using a horrendous and stupidly broken PDF form, and when I went to start the process, I was presented with a message saying “sorry, the form is a bit broken at the moment, you won’t be able to print out your CT return”.

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