Etiquette, again

A friend of mine has written a short book about international politics, and sent it to me to ask if I would give him a quote for the blurb. I accepted with some interest – I know my friend really as an activist and was intrigued to discover what he is like as a writer.

Oh dear.

The book is really terrible. There is an offensive joke about Mexicans on the very first page, and it goes on from there. It is meant, I think (I hope) as ironic mockery of white American attitudes towards the rest of the world, but the irony is not very obvious.

Well, giving him a positive quote for the dust jacket simply isn’t an option. I am pondering whether to send a negative quote and daring him to use it, but that carries the risk that he will actually do so. No, I do not want my name on this appalling book.

So, the options are either write to him now and say that I cannot provide him with what he wants, or leave it in the hope that he forgets. (He has a big network, so I am certainly not the only person he has approached.) My energy levels today will determine which course of action I take.

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  1. nwhyte says:

    I confess I didn’t go very far into it, mainly because it seemed to me that 1) if North Belfast goes very much farther into Newtownabbey the Antrim seats start spilling way down into Lisburn or even more to the south, and 2) on reflection I don’t really have a problem with splitting wards, and think that the splitting of Derryaghy ward was actually rather a good idea. But it’s interesting that we came up with the same Glenshane from such different starting points!

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