Eurovision voting

Slovenia votes for Bosnia and Croatia
Andorra votes for Spain
Romania votes for Moldova and Russia
Denmark votes for Finland and Sweden
Latvia votes for Russia and Lithuania
Portugal votes, to their eternal credit, for Ukraine.
Sweden votes for Finland
Largely fits the latest research. You have more of a chance if you have lots of neighbours.

Further updates:
Finland votes for Russia
Belgium votes for Armenia (!!!)
Croatia votes for Bosnia, (Finland) and Macedonia
Serbia and Montenegro promises “the best” song next year. Likely that there will be two… They vote for Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia.
Norway votes for Finland and Sweden
Estonia votes for Finland, Russia, Lithuania
Ireland votes for Lithuania!!!

But I think Finland have a lock on it now.

Malta votes for Switzerland!!!
Lithuania votes for Russia, Finland and Latvia
Cyprus votes for Greece, of course

Israel, Malta and France still have no points

The Dutch vote for Turkey.

Finland are now 30 points in the lead, 148 to 118 for Russia. I reckon that’s it.

The Swiss voted for Bosnia.
Ukraine for Russia (“We couldn’t help it”, they said rather ominously)
Russia votes for Armenia, Ukraine and Finland
Poland votes for Finland, Russia and Lithuania
UK votes for Finland
Armenia votes for Russia and Ukraine
France votes for Turkey!!!
Belarus votes for Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.
Germany votes for Turkey.
Spain votes for Romania!!!
Moldova votes for Romania, Russia and Ukraine
Bosnia-Herzegovina votes for Croatia, Turkey and Macedonia
Iceland votes for Finland!
Monaco votes for Bosnia!
Israel votes for Russia
Albania votes for Bosnia
Greece votes for Finland!!!
Bulgaria votes for Greece and Russia
(I see Malta picked uip a point somewhere)
Macedonia votes for Bosnia and Croatia
Turkey votes for Bosnia, Armenia and Ukraine

Good on the voters of Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Monaco and Greece for not, in fact, voting for their immediate neighbours. (None of Israel’s immediate neighbours was actually in the contest.) Though in several cases (including also Israel) I suspect a diaspora influence. (Not, however, Ireland)

Well done to the voters in general for picking such an extraordinary looking winner, whose victorious performance was a bit more spirited.

And it’s also a little heart-warming to see ties of neighbourhood cut across historic conflict – Turkey put Armenia second, the Croats, Serbs and Bosnians giving each other votes.

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  1. I must have missed the companions post on the first go-Round, but just read and enjoyed! I didn’t make the connection about Ace being mentioned in “The death of the Doctor” until I read this.

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