“Everyone thinks that. They are quite wrong.”

C.S. Lewis: “The starting point of the second novel, Perelandra, was my mental picture of the floating islands. The whole of the rest of my labours in a sense consisted of building up a world in which floating islands could exist. And then of course the story about an averted fall developed. This is because, as you know, having got your people to this exciting country, something must happen.”
Kingsley Amis: “That frequently taxes people very much.”
Brian Aldiss: “But I am surprised that you put it this way round. I would have thought that you constructed Perelandra for the didactic purpose.”
C.S. Lewis: “Yes, everyone thinks that. They are quite wrong.”

(From a fascinating discussion between the three a few months before Lewis’s death in 1963, published as “Unreal Estates” in the Spectrum IV anthology. As the fiftieth anniversary is coming up, perhaps someone might reprint it in full?)