Evolution of the Daleks instant reaction

I think the idea of the hybrid Dalek is crazy but the execution is good.

The rather nice moment of Sec picking up the radio.

The doubting Daleks.

Dalek attack on the camp is a bit half-hearted…

Solomon tries to talk to the Daleks. Bet they kill him.


has just put a comment on an earlier post saying that this episode has already started badly. Indeed, and not just because this storyline was already done in 1967.

Martha left behind by the Doctor in Hooverville as companions always are. To show her dismayed expression the camera tracks up from her cleavage. Slowly.

But she’s very clever, and while the Doctor is engaging in pointless banter with the Daleks, she is working out what is in the sewers.

My wife sniggers scornfully at the reference to gamma radiation.

Crumbs, Davros was wrong? Dalek Sec has decided to undo the mutation? (I preferred The Mutant Phase’s take.)

Daleks ask the Doctor to take them to a better place, and he agrees!!!

“If aliens had to come to earth, no wonder they came here!” Of course these days it would be San Francisco.

Doctor has his glasses on again.

Tallulah and Martha on the Doctor and love, etc.

“The line feeds are ready.” (Aren’t line feeds old-fashioned computer printers?)

Oh, very Frankenstein! The solar flare rather than lightning of course, but still…

Now the Daleks are rebelling. This is being done much better than the Dalek conflict in Resurrection of the Daleks. Also of course my sympathies are very much with the anti-Sec faction.

“First floor, perfumery” – ah, Rocky Horror nostalgia.

(How is the solar flare going to make much difference at night time?)

Poor old Laszlo. Obviously doomed, but it solves the problem of how he and Tallulah can get together again; they won’t because he will be dead.

Whoops, dropped the sonic screwdriver!

Really great shot of the lightning strike!

Martha’s remorse, and Laszlo’s reassurance, nicely done.

Dalek army of humans awakes… Despite getting electrocuted the Doctor failed.

The Daleks have not got out of the habit of imprisoning captives in their control room, first seen in Dalek Invasion of Earth.

The silent dalek hybrid army and Carmina Burana style music – very effective.

“If you choose death and destruction, death and destruction will choose you” – a good line, must mean he is about to die.


Hah, the radiation passing through the Doctor’s body obviously is enough to save the day.

So are these people going to be a new generation of Time Lords then?

Hah, Daleks killed by their own creation.

But they had a way of killing them off. No new Time Lords then.

“Just one.” Dalek Caan is the last one left. Will he get away?


Laszlo is doomed. Or is he? Hah, the Doctor is not completely useless. Indeed, “The Doctor is in.” Well, that’s a plot twist I didn’t expect.

Back at the Statue of Liberty. “There’s someone for everyone.” “Maybe.” Awww.

I see we’re back in Martha’s home period next week. Will be better, I expect. This wasn’t as bad as last week’s, but the two-parter was the weakest story so far this year.

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  1. I’d be surprised if President Obama hasn’t read it; it’s pretty standard reading in American undergraduate courses on African-American literature. And yes, it is quite good.

    Have you read Richard Wright’s Native Son? They make interesting companions, I think.

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