Failure of communication


Tried to dial-up from laptop to internet before breakfast this morning. After forty-five minutes of frustration it seems that the password I have been given for our dial-up service is wrong.

Came to this cybercafe. All went well, printed out the info needed to insert into Azerbaijan report before emailing it back to base. Went back to hotel. No floppy disks. Went out and bought floppy disks. Returned to laptop. No floppy disk drive.


Came back to cybercafe – at least I have an earlier version of report on my webmail, and can insert info into that and finish off later. Open it from webmail. It is all junk. Cybercafe doesn’t have Micro$oft Word installed, only Word Pad.

Well, I can insert the necessary bits into the version on my laptop and have it ready when I get back to Brussels. But we’ve lost another half day.


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  1. bugshaw says:

    It depends on the winner – Worldcon is the minimum, 2 weeks is more usual, mine was 6 weeks (my job was term-time only!), I think the longest was 3 months.

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