*falls over*

My poor wife fainted last night, during one of her brief excursions out of bed (because of her upset stomach), and caught her head a very nasty crack against the furniture. I took one look and thought, “Stitches. Ambulance.” And so we finished our Christmas in the Casualty department of the Heilig Hart hospital in Leuven. Luckily the children (apart from insomniac Ursula) were already asleep, and Anne’s sister was able to stay behind allowing me to go in the ambulance and hold Anne’s hand. All very professionally done, stitched under local anaesthetic (“the bastards never gave me anaesthetic for what they did to me when Ursula was born!”), then heart rate monitored, then X-rays (though she did faint again while being X-rayed), then the all-clear, then home with an impressive bandage covering the stitches.

So we’ll aim to have a quieter day today.

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