Family history

This is an index page to my genealogical blog posts and web pages.


William Charlton Hibbard + Sarah Anne Smith
(my great-great-grandparents)
William’s religion
Sarah’s parentage
Visiting their graves in West Roxbury, with other descendants

Charles Morse Seaver and Susan Hibbard, notes by their second son Henry Seaver
(Susan was the daughter of William Charlton Hibbard and Sarah Anne Smith, therefore my great-great-aunt)
Their son Walter Seaver (my first cousin twice removed)
Their daughter Alice Thanisch (ditto)
Their son Philip Seaver (ditto)

Walter Seaver’s granddaughter Sally Seaver (my third cousin)

Henry Seaver’s daughter Elizabeth Helfman (my second cousin once removed)

William and Sarah’s great-granddaughter Joan Hibbard Fleming (also my second cousin once removed)

The baby in the park (also a great-granddaughter of William and Sarah, and my second cousin once removed)

Henry Deming Hibbard (my great-grandfather)
postal chess

Dorothy Gordon Hibbard (my grandmother)
visits Romania as a guest of the royal family
dances with the Prince of Wales

Wickershams and Maryland connections

The Cornett connection

Matthias and Thomas Bordley, and Elizabeth Bordley Gibson (my 4xgreat-grandfather and his brother and sister)

Howard Gardiner Cushing (my third cousin three times removed) and his daughter Lily Cushing Emmet (my fourth cousin twice removed), artists

Francis Scott Key, composer of the Star-Spangled Banner, my second cousin six times removed

Wick Hoffman’s books:
The Early Life of Samuel M. Wickersham [my great-great-grandfather], based on his writings 1819-1862
The Life of Col. Samuel M. Wickersham, based on his writings 1863-1894
The Bordley and Belt Families, Based on Letters Written by Family Members

My great-great-uncle Richard Wickersham drowns in the 1889 Johnstown Flood

Another great-great-uncle and President Taft.

I find the grave of my grandmother, her grandmother, two of her aunts and one of her uncles


Notes on Sir Nicholas White, 16th-century Irish politician

The Ryans of Inch and their World

Gerard Valentine Ryan

One of my 5x-great-grandfathers is killed by another of my 5x-great-grandfathers in a duel in 1723

Comte Whyte de Malleville is liberated from the Bastille in 1789

My great-great-great-uncle in the Peninsular War

The ill-treatment of Lady de la Beche, my first cousin twice removed

Amy Dillwyn, granddaughter of Lady de la Beche and my third cousin once removed

Gladys Maudes Sandes, my fourth cousin

Frederic Whyte, my first cousin three times removed and my second cousin twice removed
Actors of the Century: a Play-Lover’s Gleanings From Theatrical Annals
The Life of W.T. Stead
William Heinemann: A Memoir
A Wayfarer in Sweden
A Bachelor’s London: Memories of the Day before Yesterday, 1889-1914
he was also my fourth cousin once removed

My third cousin Brian Killick’s novels:
The Nannies
The Heralds
Beneath the Dome
The Camelot Club

My grandfather in the First World War
His brother-in-law’s grave

My second cousin Maralyn Rittenour

Clan gathering May 2021


My grandfather and Irish decimalisation

My (second) godson