February Books 3) EU’ve got mail!

3) EU’ve got mail! by Graham Watson MEP, ed. Sarah Kent

A terrible title, but quite a fun little collection of Graham’s weekly emails to constituents in the south-west of England, giving an insight into the life of an MEP (sanitised for public consupmtion of course). Occasionally he mentions events in Brussels which I remember seeing him or even talking to him at, which is personally interesting. His observations on Silvio Berlusconi and Cyprus are particularly trenchant, and there is an interesting account of how one Liberal MEP got nobbled by industrial interests to the point where the rest of them effectively disowned his proposed legislation. Towards the 2004 elections he is writing longer and more EU-focused messages; predicts that the Liberal group of MEPs may increase from 52 to as many as 85 or 95 (in fact they now have over 100) and that the European Parliament will not give the new European Commission an easy ride in the second half of 2004 (as indeed they did not). Would be a fun little text for any international or European studies student.

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  1. That they only voted for him. (If you try and mark a candidate both first and second, your vote normally gets set aside as invalid!)

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