February Books 8) Endgame in the Balkans

8) Endgame in the Balkans: Regime Change, European Style, by Elizabeth Pond (.co.uk, .com)

Read for review elsewhere. But it was gratifying to see so many of the publications I have worked on for the last five years cited; including one or two references to me personally.

One thought on “February Books 8) Endgame in the Balkans

  1. it will be an indispensable secondary source for other, better works in future.

    Easily checked details like the supposed civilian massacre on Iwo Jima throw the veracity of the entire book into question; WWII made all the newspapers and I think a book or two was written about it so the fact that nobody noticed Patterson put a civilian massacre into a battle on an island where most of the civilians were evacuated months before raises questions about what else got missed.

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