Four links

Tom Baker has been blogging for Blockbuster. Hilarious. Don’t forget to scroll down for previous entries.

has done a compilation of Doctor Who opening titles. I would be interested in feedback on this from those of you who have never watched Doctor Who and wonder what the heck I am writing about – I think it’s a rather gripping compilation, though there is an unfortunate (and I guess unavoidable) change of tempo for the eighth and ninth Doctors (who are not themselves portrayed here).

via , a time-lapse video of a drive from LA to NY; I found the music forgettable but the images fascinating.

via at Vector, all the Nebula winners in haiku.

I’m off to Berlin for a couple of days; be good while I’m away and see you when I’m back.

One thought on “Four links

  1. I remember listening to this on Radio 4 – probably not first broadcast but a repeat. You’re absolutely right about the sound design. That stays with me even if many other aspects are lost.

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