Friends request

I just had a friends request on Facebook from someone who rejoices in the name of Anastasia Micklethwaite. That is such a glorious name that I am tempted to friend her back, even though I don’t know her at all.

I fear that she has mistaken me for this bloke who was in my year in my college in Cambridge but Spells his name Wrong.

One thought on “Friends request

  1. As someone who is from time to time asked to write references for students, past students, and colleagues this is my take. If you want me to write a reference you should get in touch with me first and ask if I am willing/able to write you a reference. If I am away when your prospective employer contacts me that will do you no good. If I really can’t think of anything much positive to say about you I will suggest that you ask someone else.

    If you put me down as a referee without checking with me you are going for a lucky dip. I may or may not be around when they take up references. I may not feel I can say much, if anything about you (or even remember who you are).

    From what you have said to me in the past you are dealing with a highly competitive and very bright group of people looking for these internships. I would be singularly unimpressed with people who had not got their referees in a row and properly briefed, or if you were giving me email addresses for them of the form I’d look at other candidates or reopen nominations.

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