From my Bordurian friend

Dear ,

I was very regreted to hear that news about your colleague, who I really respect and we become friends while he was viziting Borduria. What happened really touched not only your organisation but me personally as well, because I may suppose that he also was asked questions about my personality and so.

Unfgortunately I was not in Borduria that days and I told your colleague about long time ago, I am in Western Europe now.

As soon as I arrive I am going to take an adequate measures and have very seriouse discussions on this matter with my authorities, especially with Security Service. Please accept my apologisez. I really hope that this outreageous fact would not complicate our very good realtions. With best regards…

So that’s a relief.

[edited to add:] Obviously a) he is all right b) he is aware of the political stakes in Borduria and c) he was clever enough to read my “message of protest” for what I really meant to say in it.

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