From Pepys’ diary

Poor Sam had a bad night at an inn in Wisbech, with one minor compensation:

By and by newes is brought to us that one of our horses is stole out of the stable, which proves my uncle’s, at which I am inwardly glad — I mean, that it was not mine; and at this we were at a great loss; and they doubting a person that lay at next door, a Londoner, some lawyer’s clerk, we caused him to be secured in his bed, and other care to be taken to seize the horse; and so about twelve at night or more, to bed in a sad, cold, nasty chamber, only the mayde was indifferent handsome, and so I had a kiss or two of her, and I to bed, and a little after I was asleep they waked me to tell me that the horse was found, which was good newes, and so to sleep till the morning, but was bit cruelly, and nobody else of our company, which I wonder at, by the gnatts.

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  1. Numerous female fans have written of her importance as a role model for girls, but this was not absent from the way we boys related to her either

    This is very true. As I wrote in a fanzine article last year (which I am going to rework as my own tribute today), my own pro-feminist views are at least partly formed by Lis Sladen and Sarah Jane Smith.

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