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Those of you who are professional editors, or who speak Arabic, or who just like laughing at extremist rigt-wingers when they do something stupid, will appreciate this:

In order to forge closer ties with its political friends in the Middle Eastern Islamic countries, the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) printed the September issue of its party organ, Velika Srbija, in the Arabic language, but the writing was printed left to right, defying the Arabic right-to-left rule, the sensationalist Kurir tabloid writes on Wednesday.

In an effort to find out how the Radicals came to make such a major blunder, the tabloid contacted SRS Vice-Chairman Dragan Todorovic, who said he could not explain the omission “because he does not speak Arabic.”

Todorovic said that the Arabic-language edition of Velika Srbija is edited by Anjad Migati, himself an Arab, advisor to the SRS chairman and member of the party’s innermost leadership. Todorovic added that Migati is a highly educated and literate man and was surprised at the omission.

Migati, too, was surprised when informed of the error, pleading “a mistake made by the printing shop.”

“The mistake is obvious, but have no concern, the target readership is clever and will find their way about it,” he said.

I just love that last line.

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