Here in Budapest for a seminar this afternoon, and hoping to work on some stuff by remote control this morning – but office webmail is disabled. Well, I did at least save some of it to my laptop yesterday, so I can work on that for the next two hours.

And then I have a noon meeting with a member of parliament. The Hungarian parliament building is one of the loveliest in the world, but unfortunately the MPs’ offices are all in an office block across the road known (with no sense of irony) as the White House. Can’t wait (!)

One thought on “Frustration

  1. The Planet of Evil is one of my all time favourite Dr Who stories, mainly because I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED by it when I was small, to an even greater extent than some of the others shown around that time. When I saw it again when I was a lot older I could still see why I had found it so frightening and liked the general set up and characters and things, even if it was not quite as terrifying to an adult as, say Robots of Death. But still good.

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