Garret Fitzgerald – the truth

Revealed here.

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  1. sammymorse says:

    If Spain operated under the same constitutional assumptions as the UK, we would at least have got to the referendum stage in at least the Basque Country 30 years ago. Remember, in the equivalent debate to the one Cameron and Salmond have been having this week, Madrid simply tells the Basques they can’t have a referendum on independence, full stop. Centre-periphery relations in Spain have always been poisonous in a way they just haven’t in Great Britain (and I choose the last two words carefully – Ireland has, of course, Always Been Different).

    Spain isn’t exactly a successful model of anything much just now, and seperatist sentiment is strongest in its two richest regions. Probably the only good reason the Basque Country and Catalonia have for staying in at the moment is the Spanish national football team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spain break up in the next 10 years and I consider it marginally more likely than Belgium.

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