I was talking to a young American colleague last week before coming out to Tbilisi. He asked me casually if Eduard Shevardnadze had been at all well known in international politics before he became President of Georgia.


I mean, he is a bright kid, has done a degree in political science and is doing a master’s in international relations. But it brought home to me forcefuilly something I first realised back in 1989; that some day I will be telling my children what Communism *was*.

Apart from that, Georgia is charming, and a little threatening. Most memorable exchange yesterday:

Me: Aren’t you a little worried by the apparent climate of political violence in this country?
Senior government official: What do you mean? I have no such information about political violence.

Shades of Claude Rains: “I am shocked! shocked! to discover that gambling going on in here!”

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  1. What a shock! I hope you’re okay, and also hope that you get a good response from the police.

    Crazy(and being shocked, still)Soph

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