Getting home

Well, we sacked the au pair. She had wimped out of the vital early morning school run back in December, and wasn’t very keen on doing the cleaning, and not at all prepared to take our instructions on how to handle disciplinary issues with F, and things came to a head in my absence, and I am not sorry. Probably we’ll switch to a rolling system of at least three regular babysitters.

On the good news front, this fantastic astronomical cuddly toy which metaphorically jumped off the shelf at Washington airport shouting “Buy me! Buy me!” has been a huge hit with 14-month-old U who has been playing with it ever since I got home eight hours ago. Though she is sounding a little tired now; of course, so am I…

One thought on “Getting home

  1. I have permission to discuss nomination statistics, to give the non-fic nominations context (among the others) – I’m just waiting to find out how many members (approximately) the BSFA has currently before doing so.

    In any event – do nominate next year!

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