Getting it right for a change

There’s a general strike today, and I have a 9 am breakfast meeting, so I left home at 0700 expecting the traffic to be worse than ususal – yesterday I had to drive to Antwerp, and the heavy traffic meant it took me over an hour to get from my office to the Antwerp turning from the Antwerp ring road, which would normally take about twelve minutes.

But in fact the traffic today was unusually light, and I was in the office before 0800. A better driving experience than some others I’ve had recently…

One thought on “Getting it right for a change

  1. When Holmes goes deep undercover, either to break up a German spy ring or to crush Moriarty’s crime empire, Doyle never really gets to grips with it. Watson isn’t really involved, and we are left unsatisfied. I’d like to read those stories written by someone who can do that kind of thing. Doyle remains the master of the detective story (and also the historical novel and the mad scientist sub-genre of SF). He couldn’t really do thrillers.

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