Been in Athens since Thursday at a World Economic Forum conference. I had to speak as “challenger” at the first lunch session yesterday, and managed to provoke a tetchy response from a senior official present. Then in the late afternoon I was chairing a session on organised crime and corruption, with three very good speakers which made it much easier. People seemed to like it.

After the conference finished at lunchtime I was able to look around the Parthenon, Acropolis, and the Agora. Athens is a bit of a mess right now but survivable. The Agora and the Acropolis do look pretty devastated though. Loads of tourists, but my guidebook was a bit impenetrable as to what all these ruined buildings had been, and much more detailed on the history of the restoration efforts (most of which seemed to date from the Venizelos regime).

Home tomorrow.

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  1. niamh_sage says:

    My god. 0_0 Are you okay? What did the police say?

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