Guess which country?

From my local source:

Great number of high-ranking officials of the Minister of Interior were arrested today under a special operation of the Minister of National Security and department of struggle against organized crime. Up to 20 high ranking police and employees of Interior Ministry were arrested due to involvement in kidnapping. So far, many kidnappings and abductions happened in [the capital] and most of them have not been solved. Many think that, this is the biggest group, which abducted many famous wealthy people and businessman in [the country].

The serious thing is that the kidnappers were headed by the Colonel of the Criminal Investigation Department of Ministry of Interior!

The incident:

Approximately a month ago, the wife of the owner of [a big bank] was kidnapped near the [presidential building]. The kidnappers were demanding the ransom of 6 million EUR. Meanwhile, the [big bank] is the most wealthy bank with huge financial resources.

Today in the morning several tens of employees of the Ministry of National Security conducted unprecedented large-scale operation for neutralizing the organized criminal group which for a long time dealt in kidnapping people for ransom. The operation was carried out in several places at once. The criminals were taken by surprise and they did not resist.

Spouse of the Head of the [big bank] was set free during the operation, she was kidnapped a month ago. The kidnappers demanded ransom 6 million EUR. The criminals kept her in a bunker belonging to the high-ranking official of the Ministry of Interior, the Colonel of the Criminal Investigation Department. He was detained in the bunker and large arsenal of arms was found there too. His nephew, Deputy Chairman of [another bank] was also the member of the criminal group and was suspected for organization of kidnapping

Approximately 20 people have been detained. Among them there are other senior officials of police. A number of kidnappings of the members of senior officials’ families has taken place lately in [capital]. It is supposed that the group was involved in those kidnappings and other noted crimes. Today’s arrests testify about serious criminalization of law enforcement bodies what will have most serious consequences for leadership of the Ministry of Interior.

Of course, this won’t make it into Western media at all. But I think it’s extraordinary.

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  1. User referenced to your post from The Bugs We Can Be saying: […] e flowers next to a bridge I’ve always liked. It connects the mall to another shopping centre across the busy street and is covered with vines.

    I was walking across the bridge to get to the book store, where I bought a copy of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses. Before reading to-day about a woman threatened with stoning by Tehran for proliferating The Satanic Verses in the UK, I was already wanting to peruse the book because apparently it references “The Mutants”, the Doctor Who serial I’d just finished watching.

    According to Wikipedia;

    This serial is mentioned in Salman Rushdie’s controversial novel The Satanic Verses, where it is criticised for alleged racist attitudes. Writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, as well as producer Barry Letts, actually intended for the story to have an anti-racist message.

    Following Wikipedia’s source link, I ended up on this BBC Doctor Who page which says, in its trivia section;

    Author Salman Rushdie refers to The Mutants in his controversial book The Satanic Verses and implies that the programme’s characterisation of mutations as evil just because they look different from human beings encourages racist attitudes. He thereby completely misses the point of the story, which in fact has an anti-racist message.

    Considering The Satanic Verses is a fiction novel, I found it difficult to imagine how a direct opinion about the Doctor Who serial could be expressed in the narrative without coming across merely as a character’s opinion. And sure enough, I found the quote from The Satanic Verses in this guy’s Doctor Who blog […]

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