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  1. Scattershot thoughts:

    – I’ve always thought that *Silver Nemesis* suffered for having the exact same plot as *Remembrance.* We all know the program loops-the-loop on its own plots sooner or later, but to do it so flagrantly and so few episodes apart… meh. Also, much as I love Ace (and crushed terribly on Sophie when I was 13), watching Cybermen explode from having gold coins flung into their chests doesn’t help the poor silver bastards any in the “credible threat” department.

    – *Greatest Show* is an underrated gem. Ian Reddington’s Chief Clown has my vote as one of the best villains in the series’ history… delightfully sinister with a wistful hint of tragedy.

    – Ben Aaronovitch’s novelization of *Remembrance* was pure magic to me when I discovered it in middle school… it treated its subjects with such loving seriousness, implied a deep culture for the Daleks, and described them as these incredible high-tech antagonists straight out of genuine hard science fiction (his vision of them zooming around at thirty kilometers an hour made it easy for me to forgive the wobbly screen versions). It also did wonders for the raw mystery of the Doctor, and crammed an awful lot of detail about the supporting cast into very little space.

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